Grow Your Own Plastic Bottle Plant Paradise

Have you ever wished that fresh salad greens and herbs were growing in that lush garden backyard that you… Wait? What? You live in an apartment? In Chicago?

Obviously your backyard garden dreams aren’t exactly a reality- but did you know that growing leafy greens, herbs, tomatoes, and even strawberries, cucumbers, and more can actually be at your fingertips YEAR-ROUND?

In 2011 Britta Riley explained her frustrations to the world concerning her desire to have just that in her New York apartment, and how she set out to discover growing a garden using hydroponics. What she realized was an entire network of like-minded people that not only made her dreams a reality, but opened up a whole new world of indoor gardening for you to try!

Her initial ideas of using tiered recycled plastic bottles and simple water pumps to feed a liquid soil over plant roots was first shared with friends who then outsourced the first attempts, inviting others all over the world to collaborate on this project through social media. She named this social participation R&DIY, or Research and Develop It Yourself- an idea to influence you to stop passing on the idea of problem solving, and try to trouble-shoot it yourself through teamwork.

This open source project has spread throughout the world, and been customized from window to window, state to state, country to country- until thousands of people have become involved with the conversation.  Don’t just be the consumer, be the creator!

Watch how it all began!

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