Everything You Know About Composting Is Wrong

What is composting? It’s when you toss all of your organic kitchen waste into a green bin outside and collect it throughout the year, right? Wrong! That’s what most people think of when they hear the term ‘composting’ but it’s not nearly as simple as collecting your bio-degradable garbage for month on end.

Composting is a delicate process that requires layers of dirt, paper, and certain organic waste and must be kept at a particular temperature as well as a certain moisture level. On top of that, you have to “turn” it or keep mixing the collected materials, especially when adding new ones.

If composting isn’t done properly then, sadly, it won’t work and at the end of the year when you glance in the bin all you’ll find is a rotting pile of garbage. This comprehensive video explains everything you need to know about composting the right way.

The above blog post Everything You Know About Composting Is Wrong was first seen on The Back Yard Boss website


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