50 Unique Homemade Burgers to Explode Your Taste Buds!

We all have that one go-to homemade hamburger recipe that we instantly use. It’s always the same; meat, spices, egg, bread crumbs, mush, grill. But what if you could do more? What if you could make homemade burgers that could rival the fanciest of restaurants and evoke jealousy from a Top Chef? Well, maybe that’s going a little too far. But if it’s easy enough, then why not? Amp up your boring patties and try some of these unique homemade burgers this weekend!

#1 The PB & J


The age-old combo of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches just got a whole lot better with this recipe. Sweet jam, creamy peanut butter, salty cheese, and toss on some jalapenos for a bit of bite. Oh dear…

#2 Maple, Black Pepper & Peanut Butter with Bacon


Riding that peanut butter train, we present the mother of combinations: peanut butter, maple, and bacon. All slapped on a toasted whole wheat bun. Yum-o. Seriously, if this doesn’t look tasty to you then you need to get your buds checked.

#3 Thai Peanut Butter Bacon


Thai food lovers rejoice! If you’re contemplating between Thai food or homemade burgers tonight, then try this baby! At first, you’d think this would be gross. But the kick of Asian inspiration paired with the creamy peanut butter and dreamy bacon is so freakin’ good.

#4 The Donut Burger


As if burgers weren’t full of calories as it was. But hey, who cares? A burger on a soft, chewy, decadent donut? Yes, please! Now, you could be calorie conscious and slice a donut in half to use as the bun, or you could just go nuts and use two whole ones. We’re not judging.

#5 Helpful Tip


Just so this list is mouth-watering as well as informative, we’re throwing this one in. For those inexperienced grillers, this is a perfect chart (made of meat, of course) to clearly show how to tell if your patties are done to your liking. Here’s another helpful tip; only the top three matter.

#6 Mozzarella and Caramelized Peaches


Hey, save yourself some time and have the main course and dessert all in one! Just kidding, you’re totally having some ice cream after this. But the caramelized peach slices add a juicy layer to this awesome burger. You could use any kind of cheese, but mozzarella is definitely the best for this combo.

#7 Smoky Beer Burger


The intense list of flavors is just too long to make a title for this guy. We’ve got a smoky cloud of beer infusion, gouda cheese, mustard sauce, and a dash of horseradish. This is a man’s burger!! (but ask our wife first)

#8 Swiss Pan Burger


Not all of us have a fancy schmancy grill out on the deck. Heck, some of us don’t even have a deck. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a mouth-watering burger like the rest of them! This single pan burger concoction is heavenly with mushrooms, rosemary, and Swiss cheese…my mouth is filling with saliva just typing this.

#9 Shrimp Burger


Alright, alright. Let’s throw in some healthy options, shall we? Even though this shrimp patty claims to be a smarter choice to beef, it still looks ahhmazing, doesn’t it? Who knew, crustaceans on a bun? It could work. Especially with the creamy avocado aioli sauce.

#10 Spicy Cauliflower Burger


We aim to please around here. This list isn’t just jam packed with juicy, beefy, succulent burgers. There’s a little bit for everyone; healthy alternatives as well as vegetarian options. No man left behind! This cauliflower patty is (apparently) pretty awesome. It’s no meaty manwich, but throw in words like ‘chipotle’ and ‘pepper jack cheese’ and I’d eat it in a heartbeat.

#11 The Chili Crunch


For those of you who love the spicy side of things, this crunchy chili burger is perfection. A basic homemade patty, but topped with chili, jalapenos, onions, cheese…oh, and corn chips. How else do you get the crunch? This sandwich is so messy but so worth it.

#12 Mac-n-Cheese


Oh yeah, you read that correctly. So, one of the main components of a burger is the cheese, right? So, why not kick it up a notch and instead of slapping on a slice, slap on a spoonful of macaroni and cheese? This sandwich combines two classic dishes; burger meets mac-n-cheese. A match made in food heaven.

#13 Corned Beef Bliss


Tired of beef patties? No, you’re not, but it never hurts to switch things up every now and then. Try this one on for size. A Southern-inspired patty made of corned beef smothered in bacon and cheese. Oh, did I mention that Guinness is involved? Hmm, I left that detail out, did I?

#14 Hawaiian Heaven


You could get really creative with burger toppings and flavors, couldn’t you? This Hawaiian infused sandwich with teriyaki sauce is proof of that. I would never have thought to put those ingredients on a bun, but it works so well. It’s sweet and delicious. But you have to try it for yourself to know for sure (wink, wink).

#15 Pizza, Pizza!


Let me paint you a picture. It’s a Friday night, your friends are over, you guys are having some drinks and enjoying an evening out on the back deck. Everyone’s getting hungry but there’s a clear division of requests; pizza and burgers. So what do you do? A pizza burger, of course!

#16 Aww, Baby Burgers


This is a cool take on the whole slider option. It still uses full sized buns, but after you cram them into a muffin tin they come out like this. Teeny, adorable burgers.

#17 The Clucker


Well, it’s about time we had a decent chicken option on this list, right? We made it all the way to #17 without adding one, but the wait is totally worth it. This recipe calls for ground chicken but I would imagine it’d be just as good with a tender, juicy chicken breast. But the star of this sandwich is the massive chunks of Caprese. Oh, so good.

#18 A Classic


This is a tasty spin on an old classic, the BLT, and we’ll be darned if it’s not better than the original. Crispy bacon, lettuce, and tomato are still the main ingredients, but slip in a juicy beef patty and roasted garlic mayo and you’ve got this beast. The hardest decision would be to choose between charcoal or gas BBQ to grill up your masterpiece.

#19 The Burger Dog


Because what hamburger list is complete without…a hotdog? In an attempt to spice up the age old idea of a round, flat patty between two buns, this was created. Rather than form the regular patty that you’ve come to know, form a tube shape filled with cheese instead. Slap it on a hot dog bun and you get this! Magnifique!

#20 The Crack Attack


Aptly deemed the Crack Burger, this baby’s patty is infused with bacon, ranch, and loaded with cheddar cheese. So, really, you could just eat the meat and be happy. Screw the bun. Unless it’s one of those stellar soft pretzel types, then go for it.

#21 French Dipped


So, you take a mound of beef and add a generous amount of French dip. Then you add bourbon fried onions and Havarti Swiss cheese? I’ll take two, please. Actually, make that three…and a side of fries.

#22 The Mexican


Really, you could take any popular international dish and turn it into a burger. This Mexican version is a prime example. Beef, salsa, spicy green sauce, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes sandwiched between two toasted buns. It’s like a taco…but not.

#23 The Philly Cheesesteak


This is a good choice for those cooler Summer evenings when you want some comfort food. Creamy provolone cheese smothers the patty. The onions and green peppers give it that Philly kick. This is an awesome burger, I ate two, and I don’t feel guilty.

#24 Sweet Potato and Black Bean


Hey! Here’s that wicked soft pretzel bun I mentioned earlier. Man, they are the bomb! Especially when you have a meatless burger such as this. The black bean patty is soft and delicious. The sweet potato adds a unique layer of tastiness. And the baked cheddar beer onions rings? Come on!

#25 Lamb on a Bun


I guess you could really make a patty out of any type of meat, even lamb. It gives a different kind of taste, but when paired with things like spinach, red onions, and feta cheese you get a pretty awesome combo of tastes. It’s definitely different but still very delicious. If you’re daring and adventurous, try it out.

#26 Aloha!


Not sure if this is really a Hawaiian burger, but it’s for sure an ode to the tiny state. Start with a regular beef patty and add some pineapple, lettuce, bacon, and Swiss cheese. Voila! Or should I say, Pau?

#27 Bacon & Goat Cheese


I actually made this burger not too long ago and it was TO. DIE. FOR. Mind you, I couldn’t find the “million dollar buns” listed in the ingredients, mostly because I have no Earthly idea what they are. But I use my beloved soft pretzel buns and it was so good!

#28 Burger Bombs!


Hey, we can’t have a massive list of JUST burgers. We need a bit of variety, don’t we? And who doesn’t love a good ol’ burger bomb? Come on, just the sound of it makes you smile. Cheese and meat wrapped in pastry, then fried to perfection. Dip in your favorite condiments and enjoy!

#29 Sriracha Cha, Cha, Cha


This a favorite of mine, mainly because it uses Sriracha mayo. But the Asian slaw that’s slapped on the beef patty is so, so good when you bite into it. Spicy, crunchy, deadly. There’s no cheese listed in the recipe, but I went ahead and added a slice of Mozza for the heck of it.

#30 Gobble, Gobble


Another healthy turkey burger alternative, but this one was so much better than the last. I thought so, anyways. But I think it was the chilli garlic slaw that really made this burger a winner.

#31 Insanity Burger


That Jaimie Oliver dude sure knows how to make a scrumptious meal, doesn’t he? And you can always be sure that it’s healthy. Well, healthy as a juicy burger can get, anyway.

#32 Five Guys


So, for those of you who are living under a rock and don’t know what Five Guys Burgers and Fries is, let me school you a little. It’s an awesome chain of restaurants with only ONE item on the menu: burgers. But they have a side fries, too. Delicious, crispy, home fries that they literally just pour into a giant paper bag and hand over to you. But their sandwiches are homemade, as well, right in front of you and I’ve yet to taste a better burger. So, so good. Anywho, here’s a copycat attempt.

#33 The Bison Beast


Bison meat is a category all of its own. It’s a heady meat, with tons of flavor, so much that you barely need to add anything to it. But in the form of a patty, it’s good to top with veggies, cheese, and grilled onions.

#34 How to Stuff


A lot of these recipes are stuffed patties. Meaning; the meat is packed with ingredients inside. So here’s a quick visual of how to properly get those yummy items securely in the center.

#35 Coffee Rubbed Angus Beef


All of the café dwellers and hipsters looked up when you said that. Coffee rubbed meat? Could that be good? Well let me tell you, it most definitely is. The coffee does something to the beef, makes it…peppier. Then the addition of things like Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, brown sugar infused this and that, peppered bacon, apple cider vinegar, etc. makes this one sinfully good burger. Oh, and don’t forget the soft pretzel bun.

#36 French Onion Soup


This may appear like a simple sandwich, but it’s really quite unique. Mixing the elements of yummy French onion soup with a beef patty and onions makes this so juicy and almost cozy. A great burger for a cold winter night.

#37 In-N-Out


No doubt that the chain of diner style restaurants is rapidly growing in popularity, and for good reason. Their menu items are so freakin’ good. This copycat double-double burger is a prime example. So many fresh veggies and tons of cheese.

#38 Big Boys


Okay, if you like face-melting food then this is the burger for you. It is delicious, but definitely not for those who are blown away by kick. Everything about this sandwich is spicy; spicy beef, jalapeno cheese, spicy candied bacon, and chimichurri mayo.

#39 Stuffed with Goodness


When mixing the meat for this burger, toss in some crushed Doritos instead of breadcrumbs. Then, fill the center with pepper jack cheese. After that, you really don’t need anything else, not even a bun, in my opinion. But then you’d just look like a savage.

#40 Bean, Beans, The Magical Fruit


So here’s another healthy vegetarian alternative using black beans again. It’s a juicy mouthful, for sure. Especially with the shredded butternut squash and melted pepper jack cheese. But my favorite was the poppy seed onion buns.

#41 Summer Sandwich


This is as light, fresh, and zesty as a burger can get. A lean chicken patty infused with lime and cilantro, then topped with tomato guacamole. This recipe makes sliders, but you could totally make it on a large scale.

#42 Buffalo Chicken


Light and spicy pretty much sums up this recipe. You could form a patty using ground chicken, or you could just grill up a whole breast. Whichever you prefer. I’m not a huge fan of blue cheese so I switched it out for Mozza.

#43 Chicken Parm


Everyone loves a good chicken parmesan recipe. But who would have thought it’d go good on a burger? Well, someone did and the results are superb! Again, you could use ground chicken or grill up a whole breast, whichever you prefer.

#44 Oprah’s Fav


Everyone loves Oprah, and they love the things she recommends, this turkey burger being one of them. But even if the daytime TV Goddess didn’t vouch for this recipe, I’d still make it. It looks delicious.

#45 Whiskey Lullaby


A whiskey glazed blue cheese burger. Need I say more? Yeah, I probably should. Hmmm, let’s see. Grilled onions, saucy Dijon mustard, Guinness, and a soft pretzel bun. Is that enough words?

#46 Back to Black


Again, with the black bean patties. These particular ones may look more like bird seed, but they’re jam-packed with vegetarian goodness. These patties can be topped with just about anything, too.

#47 Honey BBQ Bliss


Honey BBQ sauce, tons of bacon strips, melty cheddar cheese, and an all beef patty on a whole wheat bun. (whole wheat because you have to at least TRY and watch your figure, right?) The thick slice of avocado makes me want to take a bite of this picture.

#48 Jalapeno Business


Remember how we talked about stuffing your burger patties? Use that info and jam some jalapenos in there, too. It’s like biting into a creamy jalapeno popper on a bun.

#49 Sweet Potato Crunch


Okay, just one more healthy veggie option before we go. This patty is made with chickpeas and sweet potato, which gives it more of a sweet taste than a tangy one. When you grill it, the potato gives it a bit of a crunch, too. So good!

#50 Easy Peasy


We’ll end it off on an easy note. This basic, cheese stuffed beef patty is effortless to whip up on any night. Toss in a few fresh veggies and some cheese and you’re good to go!

We’d Love To Hear!

Did you like our list? Is there a nice puddle of drool sitting in your lap? Hopefully at least one of these awesome and unique homemade burgers has inspired you to get creative in the kitchen this weekend. We’d love to hear how yours turned out! Comment and share, we live to hear our readers’ recipe attempts!

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