Companion Planting: A Gardener’s Set of Basic Rules

As each planting season approaches I find myself staring at a pile of seed packets that I “just have to try and grow this year”, and wonder where to even begin and how to fit what I want in my growing spaces. Is this is you year after year? Not sure how many seeds to start, or where to even put them all?

And if you are anything like me, you won’t remember how you planted the previous year (or worse, remember just how out of control it got), or where to even fit your new additions. Planning out your garden space, and pairing companion plants in advance, will give you an idea of how to maximize your yield and keep yourself from over-planting.

Calm your pre-planting jitters each spring by using “The Gardener’s Cheat Sheet” before you place the first seed in the soil. This will help remind you of which seeds are best started indoors, which can thrive on a patio, how far apart seeds should be sowed, and how many days until germination and harvest.”

For further help, which bugs are attracted to which plants, which plants keep away which bugs, and which plants do well to pair up for just this purpose is also included.

Read on, print out, and keep handy for an awesome reminder of how to get your garden organized and keep it that way!

The above blog post Companion Planting: A Gardener’s Set of Basic Rules is republished from BackYardBoss


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