Create An Ecosystem With Plant Guilds

We all have an idea of what an ecosystem is, right? It’s a contained, self sufficient group of elements all working harmoniously to maintain a perfect environment. Our planet is one of the largest examples of a successful (er…sometimes) ecosystem. The earth, air, water, and atmosphere all work in union to keep the circle of life moving in, well, a circle.

But did you know you can create your very own self sustaining ecosystem right in your garden? A plant guild is the perfect grouping of different plants that each contribute to the stability of the system. If done properly, you wouldn’t have to do anything to nurture the plants, they take care of themselves.

With this awesome and comprehensive infographic, you can easily see how anyone could create a plant guild and what plants to use when doing so. One attracts bees and birds, another helps keep the weeds in line, and so on.

Check it out! Create your plant guild and let us know which grouping you used!

Create An Ecosystem With Plant Guilds was originally seen on


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